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What Clients Say

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Fibromyalgia - The best session I have had

For the first time in many years, I found out the main reason for all my pain and suffering. It was the best session I have had - she was amazing with phenomenal deep empathy. I felt comfortable immediately and expressed my deepest sorrows to her that never came out to anyone before. Thank you so much. In one session with you, I'm free and ready to start my journey with happiness and joy. You are a phenomenal Therapist.


Rania Sembawa

Fine Arts Photographer

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Failure/Rejection - Gained immeasurable knowledge about myself.

Mansata is a fantastic therapist. She is incredibly knowledgeable but what sets her apart is, her intuition and her ability to connect with her client and understand the bigger picture. She guided me through my session with such a natural flow, and I have gained immeasurable knowledge about myself. I now comprehend how I was affected by past trauma and feel like a veil has been lifted. I recommend her to anyone who wants serious results in a small period of time.


Yoko Nguessan

Bilingual representative for bank

Renton, WA

Vivienne Louise Russell

Social Worker


Confidence - I felt safe and totally relaxed.

The best session I have had in the whole year, very skilled and knows exactly what she is doing. I felt safe totally relaxed, no pressure at any time. The whole session flowed helping me to understand why I procrastinate and lack confidence. She is a natural therapist gentle but confident. Her tone of voice is good. I felt as if I was with a therapist with many years of experience. So non-judgemental, understanding, and skilled at moving between tools. I came out of the session feeling good and confident looking forward to listening every day to my audio. I would definitely look to pay for another session with her in the future to continue my healing journey.


Denise Porter


Toronto, Canada


Insomnia – Made a marked improvement in my sleep.

I had the pleasure of having an RTT session with Mansata. She instantly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Mansata was very knowledgeable about research around anxiety and insomnia and immediately established herself as an expert. I was able to achieve a deep level of hypnosis due to Mansata’s skill level. I am only a couple of days into my 21 day insomnia recording and I have already made a marked improvement in my sleep. I am confident that I will be able to stop taking sleeping pills and enjoy a consistent good night’s sleep. Mansata, I am truly grateful for your help.

Procrastination - I'm actually 'doing' instead of 'avoiding'.

I had an amazing RTT session with Mansata for procrastination. This issue has plagued me for years; it's not just about organizational techniques. Mansata expertly guided me through the process, to help find the root causes. It's a fascinating and freeing experience! I am happy to share that in such a short time already I can feel the resistance subsiding, and I'm actually 'doing' instead of 'avoiding'. Huge growth and freedom for me! In addition to Mansata's expertise, she is such a pleasure to work with, making you feel comfortable, safe and understood. You trust you're in good hands.


Bonnie Fleming

Sr Contract Writer

Airdrie , Alberta

Jacqueline Branfield


Preston, UK


Self esteem/Anxiety - The emotional shift is profound.

I felt at ease so quickly. Mansata is highly skilled, compassionate, and intuitive, everything you need to create a calming safe space. The session was absolutely fantastic from start to finish; the emotional shift is profound.  I promptly received my transformational recording, which is aptly named, I love it thank you, so empowering. Thank you very much for a life changing experience.

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